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Excellence in Imaging

For over twenty-two years, the staff of Quantum Imaging has provided innovative camera solutions for a variety of high-performance imaging applications. During that time, we have earned a world-wide reputation for supplying low-noise, high-speed imaging systems to the most technically demanding customers.

Our 12, 14 and 16-bit designs have spanned the range from 28 Megapixel cameras at just a few frames per second to 512 x 512 cameras providing in excess of 100 million frames per second.

In addition to a line of standard camera products based upon visible (CCD, CMOS) and SWIR (InGaAs) sensors, our modular camera designs allow us to work with customers to implement custom or semi-custom cameras which are optimized for their particular imaging application.

Quantum Imaging is committed to leading the industry in technical performance. To that end, quantitative characterization reports are available on all Quantum Imaging products.