Quantum Imaging for Custom Design Camera Installations

Custom Designs

For over tweny years, the staff of Quantum Imaging have been pioneering new, state-of-the-art imaging technology. While we strive to offer a product line of digital cameras which is generally useful to a broad range of end users, we commonly encounter situations where a customer wishes to modify an existing product or design a completely new imaging system to better meet their needs.

Quantum Imaging welcomes the opportunity to listen to your specific requirements, and to work with you to create an imaging solution which is optimized for your application. Custom designs may be as simple as using a customer-specified connector or power input to the more complex task of implementing an entirely new camera or sensor technology.

No matter what level of custom design, a key driver for success is a close interaction between the customer and Quantum technical personnel to optimize performance for the specific application.

Whether fully custom, or a standard product, all Quantum Imaging products are 100% tested according to exacting test methods including MTF measurement, environmental characterization and the Photon Transfer / or Mean-Variance Curve to insure that technical specifications are met.