West Melbourne, FL, January, 23, 2018 – SCD.USA Infrared, LLC (SCD.USA-IR) announced the successful alliance with Quantum Imaging (QI) headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO. The acquisition by parent company SemiConductor Devices (SCD) was finalized in recent days. The acquisition is intended to strengthen and expand SCD.USA’s SWIR related activities in the US defense and homeland security markets, and will enhance its positioning towards numerous US programs that require SWIR technology.

SCD.USA-IR provides a wide range of customized solutions for Aerospace, Defense, Industrial, Scientific and commercial applications covering solutions across the IR spectrum. QI, a world leader in supplying low-noise, high-speed custom imaging systems will work with SCD.USA-IR to provide the most demanding customers the perfect solution for their SWIR, MWIR or LWIR requirements.

Dan Slasky, SCD CEO, has stated “QI will enable SCD to jointly expand activity in the US.”

Robert McDaniel, President and CEO of SCD.USA-IR: “Most of SCD.USA-IR’s activity is in the development of advanced infrared sensors that improve the performance of night vision systems used by both military and civilian entities. Quantum Imaging develops and manufactures cameras and night vision devices, and SCD has been QI’s main supplier of SWIR detectors for many years.”

David Gardner, Founder and CEO of QI: “We are very pleased with the acquisition of QI by SCD. After several years of fruitful and effective cooperation between the two companies, this acquisition will allow us to continue to develop and provide advanced SWIR solutions for our customers, and provide assured access to the world-class infrared detector fabrication and readout design capabilities of SCD.

SCD.USA Infrared, LLC, located in West Melbourne, FL is a US Company established in 2007 which provides customers with product development before and during the sale; including detector engineering and application capabilities, system performance analysis, customer training and technical support. In addition to providing technical support, SCDUSA-IR operates an OTF Lab, complete maintenance and repair lab for detectors, video engines and camera systems for post-sale customer service needs.

Quantum Imaging, located in Colorado Springs, CO is a US company qualified to handle DoD sensitive technology and brings 25 years of experience in high-performance visible, Near Infrared (NIR) and Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) technology. QI’s highly experienced and innovative team is dedicated to the design and development process to ensure speed, resolution, sensitivity and scientific image quality for all customer applications.

SemiConductor Devices, located in Karmiel, Israel is a leading world supplier of high-end infrared detectors, acclaimed for technological advancements in MWIR technology.