Miniature VGA ShortWave Infrared Cameras

SWIR VGA Camera Module
Quantum Imaging’s QI-SCD15-M1 is a small, low power SWIR VGA camera featuring low read noise and a dynamic range in excess of 70dB. A 15umx15um square pixel size provides excellent sensitivity while allowing for compatibility with smaller, less expensive optics. The InGaAs sensor provides extended spectral sensitivity from 0.5um to 1.7um making it compatible with a variety of illumination sources. Frame rates from 30 FPS are possible in full frame mode and up to 3,000 FPS in Region of Interest mode.

This product is available for sale outside the United States to approved end-users subject to receipt of an approved export license. Export of this product (including associated technical ICD’s and Mechanical Models) is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Federal Government. This limitation applies to direct exports, re-exports and “deemed exports” (e.g., provided to a supplier outside of the United States) or provided to a Non-U.S. Person, wherever located.  Please note that features such as Region of Interest “ROI”, Asynchronous Laser Pulse Detection “ALPD” and frame rates above 30FPS are not available on the exportable versions of these products.

  • 640×512 resolution, 30-60 fps (29.97FPS in NTSC mode)
  • 16-bit digitization
  • Low read noise of <40 e rms
  • Imaging or ALPD Mode
  • Extended spectral response from 0.5um to 1.7um
  • Snapshot image capture (to avoid rolling shutter artifact)
  • Programmable operation (NUC, AGC, Trigger, ALPD)
  • Camera Link and RS-170 analog output
  • Mil-spec environment
  • Internal “free running” mode or external trigger configurable
  • Standard camera housing or modular (flex configuration) design

download Data Sheet (pdf)

Parameter Value Comments
Sensor Type InGaAs
Sensor Readout mode Full Frame snapshot
Image Format 640×512 640×480 in NTSC
Pixel Size 15um x 15um
Active Area 100% fill factor
Spectral Response 0.5um to 1.7um See QE plot
Read Noise <40 e rms
Total Noise <60 e rms 25C sensor temp
Max Frame Rate 30 – 60 FPS
Dynamic Range 70dB typical
Power Dissipation 5 Watts Typical at 30C case
Electrical ICD