Day/Night Camera

Low Light sCMOS Camera with Rolling Shutter

The QI-sCMOS-RS camera is a high-sensitivity sCMOS camera with a read noise of less than 2 electrons rms. 1080P resolution (1920×1080) is provided via parallel output or standard CameraLinkTM interface.  In addition to the full resolution 1080P digital output, the camera also provides a video resolution NTSC signal via conventional analog output.    The camera has 6.5um2 pixels and is available in both color and monochrome versions.  On-board correlated double sampling and non-uniformity correction delivers a true dynamic range in excess of 25,000:1.

  • 1080P (1920×1080) resolution at 30 FPS
  • 16-bit digitization
  • 25,000:1 true dynamic range
  • Low read noise of <2 e rms
  • Low power (<2.5 Watts)
  • Camera Link and NTSC analog output
  • Mil-spec environment
  • Internal “free running” mode or external trigger configurable


Specifications download Data Sheet (pdf)
Parameter Value Comments
Sensor Type Silicon (sCMOS) Color or Monochrome
Sensor Readout mode Full Frame Rolling shutter
Image Format 1080P 640×480 in NTSC
Pixel Size 6.5um x 6.5um
Active Area 100% fill factor Microlens array
Spectral Response 0.4um to 1.1um See QE plot
Read Noise <1.4 e rms
Total Noise <2 e rms 25C sensor temp
Max Frame Rate 30 FPS
Dynamic Range 25,000:1 typical
Power Dissipation 2.5 Watts Typical at 30C case
Electrical ICD