QI SWIR HD 10 Graphic


Miniaturized, High Definition SWIR Camera Module

Quantum Imaging’s QI-SWIR-HD10 camera is a high resolution, miniaturized, low-noise SWIR camera with extended spectral range from 0.5um to 1.7um. The camera uses a 1280×1024 format InGaAs detector with 10um x 10um pixel pitch and integral antiblooming. On-board correlated double sampling delivers a dynamic range in excess of 70dB with read noise of less than 40 rms electrons [cooled operation] making it ideal for light-starved applications. Available with both 16 bit CameraLinkTM and analog NTSC output, the QI-SWIR-HD10 will run from 30 FPS to 60FPS depending upon factory configuration. Automatic gain and exposure control are available to optimize image quality over a large range of imaging conditions, and a proprietary non-uniformity correction “NUC” provides high quality imagery over -40 to +70C operating conditions. The QI-SWIR-HD10 also offers the unique ability to operate in either a conventional SWIR imaging mode, or in Asynchronous Laser Pulse Detection (ALPD). In ALPD mode, the detector serves as a two-dimensional sensor capable of capturing short duration laser pulses and providing the x-y position of those pulses in both daytime and night-time operation. Multiple asynchronous spots can exist simultaneously in the same field of view making the QI-SWIR-HD10 ideal for spot tracking operations.