QI SW-VGA15 Graphic


Miniaturized SWIR VGA Camera Module

The QI-SWIR-VGA15XS camera is a miniaturized, low-noise VIS-SWIR camera with extended spectral range from 0.5um to 1.7um. The camera uses a 640×512 format InGaAs detector with 15um x 15um pixel pitch and integral antiblooming. The VGA15XS also offers the unique ability to operate in either a conventional SWIR imaging mode, or in Asynchronous Laser Pulse Detection (ALPD). In ALPD mode, the detector serves as a two-dimensional sensor capable of capturing short duration laser pulses in both daytime and night-time operation.   QI-SWIR-VGA15XS can also be operated in uncooled mode which leads to total power dissipation of under 2 Watts in full imaging mode and less than 1 Watt in laser spot tracking mode without imaging.